New jeevan suraksha I


When you purchase an annuity, you are able to transform your resources into a flow of income and get that earnings in regular payments throughout your lifetime. This function differentiates annuities from other specific retirement plans, just like traditional individual retirement plan, which will need you to make necessary withdrawals as soon as you turn specific age. A deferred annuity provides you with the option to create your retirement life financial savings for a time period of years. What you are deferring is the time when you start to get cash flow. Compared with an immediate annuity plan like lic jeevan akshay 6, which you need to buy with a one time payment, you are able to create your deferred pension account with a single payment, a number of premium payments yearly over time, or both. The flexibility to blend one time and regular additions may offer you added versatility in creating a bigger retirement living resource. But that option isn’t really always out there.

Eligibility Conditions

Particulars Min Max
Minimum Premium Rs. 1000
Maturity Age 50 79
Entry Age 18 65


Deferred annuity lic pan

You still can have have accessibility to your funds in a deferred pension right up until you transform your accrued investments into a income stream. What this means is you are able to make restricted yearly withdrawals, or give up the plan completely, taking back its present value less any surrender charges. However, if you do take out, the funds will be gone, and your pension account is going to be decreased. You could possibly likewise have to be charged income taxes on any increase in value and an earlier withdrawal charge if any. Deferred annuities are particularly attractive if you have ever put the maximum amount in your company’s salary reduction program as you possibly can but prefer to remove more for your retirement life. And when you are not getting salary, a deferred annuity is an excellent option for unearned income from your assets or other resources to build tax deferred. As this plan is discontinued and not avaialble for sale , you can choose similar type of plan called lic new jeevan nidhi 812.


  1. This plan is still available for sale? I have already taken jeevan suraksha pension policy but looking to buy for my wife. She is 40 years old working with private company. If not available then kindly suggest suitable best pension plan.

  2. I have taken New Jeevan Surksha-I (T.No.147) in 2003 for 14 years at an annual Premium of Rs.10000/- Can you tell me what will be my monthly pension or other options? and when the Pension will start?

  3. I am interested in pension plan. I can contribute some money from my salary every month. I would like to know what are the procedures. I stay near Sarjapur Junction, Bangalore. Please advise. You may kindly respond to me on my below email.

  4. I have taken New Jeevan Suraksha – I (147 -16) in 2003 at an annual premium of Rs 10000/-. Last premium will be paid in January 2018 and pension will be due from January 2019 . What will be my monthly pension?

  5. I am also having the same question like Mr Haridas Nair,
    Started at 2005, Rs 10000/- annual premium, for 17 years
    Can anyone reply for us ?

  6. I would like to invest 200000 per year , my age is 44 now and how much pension i will get at the age of 50 after maturity of plan.


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