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If you’re excited about the retirement living years, you could possibly would like to think about pension as an element of your entire strategy. LIC Jeevan Dhara table 145 Annuities have been intended to assist you spend less, grow and secure your retirement investments, and also offer a flow of stable income in installments which will continue so long as you survive. Selecting the proper lic pension plan could make a huge difference on your old age income. These days a lot of people think about purchasing retirement plans like a part of their retirement life planning strategy. Pension Plan as the name indicates, offers regular earnings to the insured individual throughout his retirement years. In India, Pension Plans are available by life insurance providers. A person may either to make a one time payment premium or make typical regular premiums over a period of these insurance policies. At the end of the policy term, the insurance corporation buys an annuity on behalf of the person. Pension plans is usually categorized into two forms online is immediate annuity plan such as lic jeevan akshay 6 plan and deferred annuity plan for example lic new jeevan nidhi pension plan.

DEFERRED ANNUITY PLANS: Most retirement plans in India are deferred type plans. In deferred plans the annuity phase will start after savings phase. These kinds of plans are primarily for people who do not need quick pension, and also have a number of years till their retirement. So in a deferred annuity plan, they need to steadily make investments and build the corpus during this savings period. The premiums which are given get invested until the end of the term of pension policy which is also knows as vesting date of the plan.

Maturity Benefits

At the end of the premium paying term the insurance policy holder can withdraw as much as a maximum 25% from the cash value or maturity income as being a lump sum amount free from any taxes. The balance amount must be compulsorily transformed to an annuity with the rates suitable during the time of vesting of the policy. The insurance policy holder has the option of selecting any one of annuity choices available.

Eligibility Conditions

Particulars Min Max
Minimum Sum Assured Rs. 20000 No limit
Max Maturity Age 75
Entry Age 12 60


deferred annuity plan in india

Death Benefit

In case of dying of the Life Assured while in the term of the policy the standard premiums paid, not including any rider premiums or additional premiums, up to the date of demise accrued with interest at such rates as determined by the Company is going to be given to the nominee.

Additional Benefits

Optionally available added benefits that could be included in your basic plan for additional security / choice. An extra premium is needed to be given for such added benefits.

Surrender Value

Surrender benefit can be obtained on the plan on prior cancellations of the contract. The insurance policy could possibly be gave up after it’s been in force for 2 years or higher but prior to the vesting date. The assured surrender value is 90% of the standard premiums paid not including the 1st year’s premium.


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